Jul 152015

To compare respiration rates for meditation and non-meditative activities, I recorded my breath using a Vernier LabQuest device connected to a gas pressure sensor and a respiration monitor belt. the first plot below shows my respiration sitting quietly and reading. The second plot is a recording of meditation during the 7th day of a meditation retreat.

Respiration while reading

Respiration while sitting quietly and reading. Breath rhythm was variable. Occasionally I took a deep breath. Average breathing rate was 14.6 breaths/min.


Recording of breath during Zazen meditation

Breath recorded on the 7th day of a meditation retreat. Breathing rate was 2.85 breaths per minute.

Below is a comparison of breathing rates for various other activities.

Respiration Rates

Comparison of respiration rates for various activities, including meditation.

Clearly my zazen practice is characterized by a slower breath rate compared to other activities during the day.


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